Whether 2021 was incredibly awesome for your business, you tanked, or fell somewhere in between, there’s a ton you can do as a marketer to fill your sales bucket, improve visibility, and get better recognition as an expert. It all starts with looking back at 2021.

I call it a situational analysis when I write a marketing or PR plan, but for here, let’s have a more informal conversation about ‘what the heck happened last year.’ The good, the bad, and the ugly doesn’t exist anymore, except in our minds. So, let’s kick off the New Year with a 2022 marketing plan that looks at shaking up the SOSO (same old same old), and saying goodbye to marketing strategies and tactics that left you feeling empty.  

6 Marketing Tips for a Stronger More Profitable 2022

1. Dust off your 2021 marketing plan. Truth or dare. Did you follow your marketing plan, see what worked and what didn’t? In the off chance that you didn’t have a marketing plan (or don’t have one yet), how can you get from where you are now to where you want to go, without one? Creating a marketing plan and referring to it to grow your business is essential because it’s a roadmap — a master plan, that you have the ability to change.

2. Have your target markets changed? Only you can answer this. Has your target market shifted one way or another? Have you gained a totally new audience or has one petered out? Easy homework. Do an audit. Revisit your business lines, who’s spending money and how much, and look at opportunities for growth. If you’ve researched industry trends in the past year, you’ll see new avenues to gain business. Re-think who your audience is, and reward yourself if it’s the same. Marketing just got easier.

3. Don’t just think your goals. Write your marketing goals for 2022. They should be clear, actionable, and lofty. A soft and easy set of goals won’t push you. Think big and feel the win. If you don’t believe your goals are possible, it will take a lot longer for them to happen, and you may not get the same results or intensity. Be specific with what you want in both your personal and business life. After working with clients for over 20 years, I know that if your personal life is in the tank, your business may probably suffer, too. And that’s not an option.

4. Write a serious action plan. Actions speak louder than words. Understanding where you are, where you want to go, your competitors, outreach options, email marketing, social media, PR opportunities – and the list goes on – will only get you so far. You need to write a comprehensive action plan. That makes the whole marketing process easier. You know what to do every day, week, month, quarter, annually and one-time only. Guessing work done. Plan to win when you work the plan.

5. Will you use free or fee marketing? Most of you know that I’m all about low-cost and no-cost marketing. It’s my passion, my specialty, and what I believe in. If you have a strong foundation of low-cost and no-cost marketing and are using your owned media channels, proven social media networks, and are sharing your expertise online, in person, via speaking, newsletters, books, etc. Congratulations! You’re 75% ahead of other business owners. 

That’s not to say fee-based social media ads or sponsorships don’t work. They do. Especially when you need short-term results or faster results. If the budget allows, and it’s in your marketing plan, go for it. Be a super nerd, ask a lot of questions, and spend wisely.

6. A one-person marketing team is limited. If you share your goals with someone, you’re holding yourself accountable, even subconsciously. And, if you do everything yourself, you’ll be exhausted and soon enough, may hate your business. Again, not on the marketing plan.

Get the help you need and set up some kind of accountability; quasi, crazy or buttoned up. An accountability partner can be a trusted colleague, your virtual assistant, marketing coach, or you can hire someone to bug you and text you to death (kidding, kind of).

To be a good marketer, you need to know your product or service inside and out, understand your competition, fully grasp the marketing and action plan, and be accountable to execute your strategies.

Ideas are well and good, but if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you may fall short in the implementation department, especially if you’re all fired up and running on empty.

Every day you have a fresh start, but at the beginning of the new year, it’s more pronounced. Get the marketing help you need and be accountable to someone. Even if it’s your dog. I know they’re good listeners.


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