3 Reasons Why Digital PR Matters

So, does PR really matter?  Or is it one of those “nice to haves” that many businesses can safely afford to ignore? The answer depends on your goals, timelines, and marketing budget. My thought is with so many free publicity opportunities available to grow your brand and business, it seems foolish not to take advantage of the power of earned media.  

The secret sauce of PR is how to position your company and message in a way that positively influences your target market, so that they complete a specific call-to-action and feel good about it. After all, a brand is how you make someone feel. What do you want your audience to think, do or share? What does your PR campaign look like from beginning to end, and what results are you looking for to measure its success?

Over the years, PR has shifted from being more traditional, ie send press releases, call a reporter on the phone – to being more digitally focused. Once you learn how to get free publicity, it’s fairly straightforward to get the attention you deserve. Plus, social PR is faster, cheaper, and more accessible. You can create and follow a marketing and PR plan anytime day or night, from almost anywhere in the world.

Why is Public Relations Important?

  • Your business stands out in a crowded marketplace. And for all of the right reasons. Your competition may not be as media savvy, especially as you learn insider tactics that get the attention of the press. And, they probably won’t know how to repurpose every glorious remark.
  • You want to be smart with your money. Seriously, you can save a small or probably a large fortune in marketing and advertising costs with digital PR. That money can be used in building your network and a rock-solid sales funnel. Or, use the savings to hire a talented social media freelancer who can pitch the press, promote blogs, write news releases, share videos, testimonials, and more.
  • You know that building brand equity is key to growth. Building your brand isn’t just about what you say on your website or in your marketing material, it’s what other people say about you. (Remember, third-party mention appears to be more credible). When you build brand equity, your future customer or client acquisition efforts become both easier and cheaper.

What Can PR Do for Your Business?

There’s not one small business owner or entrepreneur I know (or don’t know) who doesn’t want to drive their small business onwards and upwards. Combined with other core functions – like marketing, sales and customer service – PR is a key outreach strategy. The thing is, there’s just only so much time, so you need a plan that makes sense for where you are now and where you want to go – and have a roadmap to get there.

Ultimately, regardless of how you help your target market solve problems and achieve goals, it’s in your best interest to showcase your essence and expertise. To create a buzz that attracts attention – and lots of views and shares. Everyone wants to work with a winner, vendors too!

Take Advantage of Public Relations as a Promotional Tool. Digital PR tactics can range from media releases, video, social media campaigns, targeted media drips, answering HARO requests, getting published on LinkedIn, sharing press mentions, speaking, and podcasting, to name a few. Let your top prospects, clients, email subscribers and fans know what you’re up to. That separates you from your competitors – who, no disrespect, may not have a clue. It’s also ok to be human and respond in a timely manner to a mishap, and hopefully not a crisis. With PR you create the narrative.

Bottomline: What are PR tips for small business? What’s in a PR plan? Start by finding a trusted small business PR expert who can give you informed and objective advice on what makes sense for your company and your plans for the next 12-months.  Marketing and PR strategies that work for the business across the street might not be right for you. So, don’t waste time or money on a cookie-cutter plan. You’ll end up having unrealistic expectations that set you up for disappointment down the road. And who wants that?

Instead, ride the wave of positive attention, as you reach your business’s potential. You may even surprise yourself by exceeding it. 




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Robin Samora

As a small business owner for the last 20 years, I’ve gained experience, wisdom, insight, and knowledge to help you market yourself and your brand at a fraction of the cost. My focus is to use the same PR and promotional strategies used by bigger brands, and personalize them to fit your needs and goals.

I’d love to help you.

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Robin raises the bar for all of her clients so they can get what they want and desire. She has the experience, skill and the super passion to get us from where we are today to where we aim to be tomorrow. I am sincerely and deeply grateful to her and recommend anyone out there who launched a product or wrote a book to get in touch with Robin not tomorrow, but today.



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