Marketing Tip: New LinkedIn Video Options and How to Ace Them

If you’re in the B2B space, you’ve probably been using LinkedIn for years. It’s considered the #1 social media platform for networking, keeping up with competitors, and learning more about trends in your industry. For many, it provides the best marketing ROI for small business.

To stay current with other networks, LinkedIn is diving into short-form video and establishing a dynamic native video option similar to Facebook and Instagram. It’s not just about personal networking anymore. New video features are being added to showcase the platform’s social media capabilities for professionals and job seekers.

How to Maximize Your Brand with LinkedIn Video Marketing

Are You Using LinkedIn’s Cover Story Feature?

It’s the newest video feature for LinkedIn. It’s simple, a 30-second video where you introduce yourself or talk about your brand. It’s a bit challenging because you’ve got a limited amount of time, so focus your intro on how to get the most attention.

The Cover Story is a short elevator pitch; an opportunity to introduce either your company or your personal brand. To get the most out of your 30 seconds, start with the question, “Why?” Why should people follow you on LinkedIn? Why should they work with you? What makes you or others love your brand?

One thing to note is that your Cover Story can only be recorded on mobile. But, you can also upload video from your desktop.

4 Ways to Use LinkedIn’s Video Features 

Tell your Story

Everyone processes information differently. Some people like reading a few paragraphs about your brand story or the “why” behind your mission. Other’s will quickly move on to the next thing that catches their eye. But a small business introduction video let’s your audience know why your brand does what it does, or sells what it sells. People can see who you are and what you’re all about – and that’s key to building like, know, trust, and believability.

Video Blogging

Does your brand sell a product? Why not show first-hand how it works? Say you’re in the $179.4 billion-dollar pet industry and you’ve come up with an innovative brush for Fido. Create a short video on how-to use the brush, how-to clean it, and how-to recycle pet hair for bird’s nests (I’m taking creative license here). Show and tell works. It lets people know how to use the brush before they buy it, why it’s effective, and why Fido will truly be your #BFF4L.

Before you upload content, look at your video marketing checklist. Make sure you write a description, and include target keywords and hashtags. Here’s a video marketing infographic to refer to.

Announce a Launch or an Update

When your brand launches a new product, website or partnership, use a video to help build the buzz and give your customers and fans news to share. Make it eye-catching with interesting shots, interview soundbites, and music. You can also use this video in conjunction with a PR campaign or PR launch.

Look back at some of the content you’ve already published and think about ways to repurpose it into a video. Here are some ideas: testimonials, interviews, podcast to video, event footage before, during or post. That way you may reach an entirely new audience.

Run LinkedIn video ad campaigns

If you’re ready to step up your game, test-drive LinkedIn’s native video ad tool. It has some of the same functionality as the Facebook Ads platform. You can enable targeting, test ads for different audiences, and boost the reach of your posts.

This article from Vidyard also outlines how to use each LinkedIn video format.

Bottom line: If 87% of marketers are using video and you’re on the fence, jump over it. Brainstorm video ideas for LinkedIn – and start recording, even if you’re a one person marketing team. Don’t overcomplicate the process. If you’re a recovering perfectionist like me, you may want a tripod and lights, but ultimately the point is to just go for it.

Maybe just start with a LinkedIn Cover Story? Make it part of your small business PR strategy.


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