Marketing Tip: 6 Ways to Use BuzzSumo to Boost Sales

Where can you go to learn more about your industry, find contact information for influencers, journalists and decision makers – plus, get key data to ace your small business PR strategy?  

BuzzSumo, of course. It’s a one-stop shop for content marketers to find critical data they need to gain digital insight, find social contacts, research industry trends, and get ahead of the competition.

Why All the Buzz About Buzzsumo?

Let’s face it. Social media is often a numbers game. Your job is to create the most valuable content you can with the goal of reaching the highest number of people in your target market. To do that, you need to write content that appeals to an audience with a huge following. That’s where BuzzSumo comes in. It’s one of the world’s largest banks of social engagement data that’s user-friendly and easy to understand.

1. Stay up to date on topic searches

If you’re writing content for any social media platform, you know the importance of being relevant and staying up to date in your industry. Not sure what to write about? Look at what’s trending. Have an idea and want to see if your hunch is right – and if anyone cares? Check it out on BuzzSumo. Then write, shoot video, or create infographics that are focused on what viewers are watching and sharing – and what’s aligned with your goals.

2. Research journalists to write a better PR pitch

One of the concerns I hear a lot is, “what do I say in my PR pitch?” BuzzSumo helps make outreach easier because you can customize your pitch based on a reporter’s specific interests. You’re also able to access over 500,000 journalists to find the right match for your campaign, and see what they’re writing about, including headlines and keywords.

3. Reach out directly to influencers

BuzzSumo is popular too because of its vast database of influencers. You can see who’s active, which influencers are sharing your content and bookmark particular profiles for collaboration now, or in the future. The platform also makes it easy to reach out from within the site, so you don’t waste time searching or opening new windows every time you want to check things out.

4. Find questions your customers ask

Want to know what your target market is asking or what they’re talking about? BuzzSumo’s Topic Analyzer keeps track of what people are searching for. Access the database to save a ton of time in research and second-guessing what your audience wants to know. That gives you a heads up on topics for blogs, videos, articles – even webinars and speeches.

5. Monitor your brand confidently

If you’re spending time creating content for digital marketing and PR, you want to know when your content is trending. With BuzzSumo, you can set an alert to when someone mentions your business or brand, as well as what posts the media are sharing about you.

In the Monitoring section, you can also track backlinks, keywords, and authors – so you’ll always know what’s going in your digital space. There’s also an opportunity to track your competitors to give insight on what’s next in your content marketing strategy.

6. Use BuzzSumo monthly (at no cost)

Do you know how much I love no-cost marketing and PR tools and strategies? Tons. Sign up for 10 free searches a month on BuzzSumo’s platform and get one-year of data up to 1,000 searches on over 8 billion articles, including those from the past.  

Yes, you’ll have limited access, and it will be for one user, but use it to your advantage to improve sales, marketing, and PR for your small business. Take a test-drive for 30 days and set up a custom feed for your industry niche.  If you decide to go premium, check out their content ideas generator, content analysis reports, influencer and backlink searches, Facebook and YouTube analyzer, and more.

Can you improve your marketing and PR plan?

Your marketing and PR plan is a living document that you should tweak and refine, at least three to four times a year. Just remember that if you’re looking to increase sales, it’s not just about buying Google ads to generate leads. I believe in a holistic approach and marketing outreach that includes email, networking, speaking, blogging, video marketing and social media.

Make sure to include PR tactics too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one person marketing team or have an outsourced group in charge of your small business marketing, it’s always a good idea to refresh your digital PR strategy.  Here’s my 10-point checklist for a PR reset



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