10 Ways to Extend Your Non-Profit’s Marketing Dollars [Updated]

Whether you’re working full-time, part-time, or are in charge of marketing a non-profit, getting PR and publicity, and increasing brand awareness is key to leveraging your nonprofit’s brand. It isn’t impossible, you just have to learn a handful of public relations tactics and become a master of no-cost and low-cost marketing strategies. Keep reading for some tips on nonprofit marketing.

10 Ways to Extend Dollars for Your Non-Profit’s Marketing Plan

With nonprofit marketing, fundraising is typically one of the main goals. Building an effective nonprofit marketing plan can help you better reach your audience, and improve the potential to raise money.

Nonprofits often feel pressure to do more work with less budget. If you want to get more out of your non-profit marketing plan, here are 10 creative ways to extend your organization’s marketing and public relations dollars.

Check out Non-Profit Grants

I’m falling more in love with small business grants and non-profit grants daily. Spend a few dollars and sign up for a trial at one of the more popular grant listing services, like GrantWatch. Also, get your Google on and set up a Google Alert for non-profit grants in your state or area of interest. Google Grants also have promise, but read the fine print to see if you’re eligible, and what you’re committing to.

Consider Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding may be an option for your charity, but you never know until you take a closer look. It’s another way to fundraise from outside your regular community more globally. For non-profits, pulling on heartstrings still applies. Here’s a list of 8 Top Crowdfunding Platforms and tips to raise money.

See Who’s Advertising on Digital Billboards

There’s always a chance that digital advertisers have extra ad space that they’re willing to donate. If your cause is compelling enough or dear to their hearts, your message could be seen on high-traffic billboards. Never ask, never know. I’ve used billboards for prospecting for clients, so why not use the same strategy for a media company to sponsor your group? Rules will always apply.

Find a Sugar Daddy/Mama

I don’t mean it the way it sounds. Who in your corporate space or community has shown interest in your event or charity? You can check this out in incognito mode on LinkedIn for participation by CEOs and leaders, but also by social listening. That’s what we have two ears for! Punch in your keywords on your preferred social platforms and pay attention to what’s happening online. Find your players, draft some messaging, and go for it. Pushy opens doors, not relationships. 

Find Agencies Who Do Pro Bono Work

Do some discovery work and ask if there’s anyone in your organization with advertising or PR ties. You may have an opportunity to get some free work – even if it’s with a smart intern who’s being supervised. Do your homework and make sure the connection feels right, and that they’ll follow through. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Build a Media Contact List

As part of your non-profit marketing plan, consider leveraging media contacts. Research reporters covering your topic or local area to see if they’re interested in a feature story. One way to do that is to go back to Google, my second-best friend after Karen C. You can also check out sites like Buzzsumo to find bloggers, influencers, and journalists. If you don’t have a CRM, build your media list on a Google sheet or excel spreadsheet, and include all pertinent contact information. Staying current is important, too.

Approach Bloggers Who May be Interested in Your Story

Know that media list you curated? Find top bloggers to share your story and/or consider guest blogging for other sites. Practice your storytelling and pitch in advance to ensure it’s short, sweet, and to the point. Ask yourself why readers will care about your cause. That’s what an editor wants to know. And if you have links to other publications, share them in your media kit.

Write Press Releases Once a Month

Media releases aren’t dead! Since you’ve already taken the time to build relationships with targeted journalists, write press releases once a month. Didn’t get the coverage you hoped for? No problem. Repurpose your press releases in several ways: on your website’s newsroom, on blog posts, on social media, in your newsletters, as a sales tool, on video, and if you want, as sponsored content. Published links are super valuable too. Don’t underestimate their impact as part of your nonprofit’s marketing plan.

Contact Marketing and PR Departments at Local Universities

Would a non-profit campaign like yours be a project a university may be interested in? What about your alma mater? Make a few calls or send an email or two. You may gain an intern and a few tweethearts. Not just that, but others may want to support you.

Organize Local Events, Not Just Fundraisers

Hosting local events where you’re not asking for money will allow you to share your message, share the love, and, hopefully, some of the work. Find people who are committed, like-minded, and influencers in their own right. Hate to recruit? Reframe your thinking. It’s multi-level marketing with a heart.


Tell the world to change the world. When executing a nonprofit marketing plan, build a network of people who care. It’s contagious once you start. And the best part is you don’t have to be a small business marketing and PR consultant to jumpstart the process.


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