Best Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Whether you’re a small business expert or a one-person marketing team, test-drive these digital marketing tools to grow your business, get visibility and meet your marketing goals. Here is our complete list of digital marketing tools and platforms for small businesses that help you improve your marketing efforts. 

Tools by Marketing Area of Focus

  1. Supercharge Your Blogs
  2. Elevate Your Text
  3. Ignite Interest with Better Visuals
  4. Make Your Videos Dazzle
  5. Leverage Audio Content
  6. Get Inspired
  7. Skyrocket to the Top of Search
  8. Simplify Social
  9. Improve Your Workflow & Productivity
  10. Know Your Competition and Competitors

Keep reading for our 50+ digital marketing tools:

Supercharge Your Blogs

Consider using this list of tools when creating blogs and content:

Elevate Your Text

Use these tools when to elevate your text when creating and sharing content:

  • Find the right emojis to help content stand out on Emojipedia
  • Add bold text to social media posts with Lingojam
  • Check out to improve messaging across all platforms.
  • Shorten URLs and maximize space on Bitly
  • Use Linktree to consider the links on social profiles.

Ignite Interest with Better Visuals

Consider using this list of tools when adding visuals to content:

  • Find free images for social media at PixabayUnsplashPexelsBurst, and
  • Use PicMonkey to add text, clip art, frames, and more to photos.
  • Create designs on social media, brochures, and images with the free design tool Canva
  • Manipulate and edit photos quickly with Gimp
  • Test-drive BeFunky‘s templates for ad banners, infographics, and collages

Make Your Videos Dazzle

Consider utilizing this list of tools when creating video content:

  • Record with Loom to create instantly shareable videos
  • Take advantage of free video templates at MixKit
  • Work with bombbomb to integrate video and customer communication
  • Find inexpensive music for video projects at Audio Jungle
  • Edit videos with drag-and-drop software at OpenShot, for free, open-source video editing

Leverage Audio Content

Use this list of audio tools to help create great content:

  • Create and edit audio files and podcasts with Audacity
  • Tet-drive to transcribe audio and repurpose content
  • Create and distribute podcasts on Anchor.FM
  • Use to maximize content ad cross-channel promotion
  • Search top podcast directions at Buzzsprout

Get Inspired

Consider using this list of tools when looking for content inspiration:

  • See what is trending and research influencers at Buzzsumo
  • Feedly lets you follow topics, share links, and integrate automation tools
  • Check out new aggregators like Alltop for shareable real-time information 
  • Put all writing pieces in one place to create content faster with Airstory
  • Search keywords and content ideas at Answer the Public

Skyrocket to the Top of Search

Consider using this list of tools for SEO and search visibility:

  • Use Ahrefs or SEMrush, SEO tools to help you find keywords relevant to your industry
  • Optimize YouTube content with TubeBuddy
  • Look at keywords in multiple languages with Keyword Tool
  • All-Hashtag helps find the best hashtags for select social media platforms
  • ShareThis provides a button for social media engagement

Simplify Social

Consider using this list of tools when managing social media:

  • Buffer allows you to schedule and track content across most social media networks
  • Manage, schedule, and track social media posts with Hootsuite
  • Check out Tailwind to create and manage content on Pinterest
  • Look at Pallyy for social media scheduling with a focus on visual content
  • TikTok Scheduler is a free tool to manage TikTok content

Improve Your Workflow & Productivity

Use these tools to improve productivity and your workflow:

  • Set up editorial and social media calendars with Asana
  • Use ContentCal to integrate content marketing activities into one management program
  • Track progress and manage team projects with Trello
  • Look at ClickUp and its robust features for collaboration
  • Quire helps prioritize team tasks and create timelines.

Know Your Competition and Competitors

Get competitor insights by using these online tools and platforms: 

  • Know what’s going on at competitors’ websites with SimilarWeb.
  • Check out SocialBlade, an analytic tool for YouTube to see competitors’ stats.
  • Get insight and visual understanding of website users with HotJar.
  • Pull data from multiple sources, get dynamic reporting, plus tutorials at Google Data Studio.
  • Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to analyze competitors’ keywords.

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