How to Improve your Marketing with ChatGPT

Full disclosure here. I asked ChatGPT to write a blog on how ChatGPT can help marketers. I’ve been playing with the AI tool for a couple of weeks and have been amazed when I asked it to write blogs, articles, flush out ideas, social media posts, and more. I probably shouldn’t have stayed up so late asking so many questions, but I couldn’t help myself.

So, here’s a humanized version of what ChatGPT wrote. I didn’t put it through any apps, I just edited it the way I normally would.

No surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming an essential tool for marketers. One tool in particular that’s disrupting the way we write and organize our thoughts is ChatGPT. It’s a language model that’s revolutionizing marketing with its powerful conversation style writing at the press of a button.  My colleagues have been both scared and excited about it, me too.

How can ChatGPT improve your marketing?

The first thing I noticed when I did a test drive with the ChatGPT AI tool was its ability to generate high quality content at scale. At scale meaning, at high volume and fast. It can be trained on a vast amount of data and then be used to create relevant and engaging marketing content – in a general sense, without personal detail or nuance. What’s missing, for now, is the human touch to showcase a brand’s personality. More often than not, you’ll get facts and figures without “feeling.”

I was surprised when I asked the AI tool to complete a few tasks in my marketing plan; to write a 1500-word blog, 10 social media posts, an outline for an upcoming webinar, and to rewrite an article from last year. It did, with no complaints or delay. It was spooky and sensational at the same time. I forgot ChatGPT can also write sales copy, landing pages, FAQs, and update my website too — with my developer’s help.

Let’s pretend you were in the auto industry, and you wanted to (um) test drive ChatGPT. You could train the AI tool on a dataset, which is basically a collection of data that’s able to be manipulated by a computer. Once the model is trained, it’s easy to generate new automobile marketing content that your target audience might like, and that can be used across multiple social media channels. Plus, you can schedule A/B testing to see which copy delivers better results.

How can ChatGPT analyze marketing data? 

Data provides insight and that’s what marketers need to make smart decisions and report their findings to senior management. With ChatGPT, you can analyze data to gain valuable insights on how consumers behave and what their preferences are. One way to do this is to feed it a dataset of customer interactions. You’ll see that it identifies patterns and trends quicker than you might manually do the task. This can work on social media if you want to analyze customer comments and messages, and flush out common themes to understand what your audience really feels about your brand and products. 

Similarly, ChatGPT can analyze customer reviews on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Shopify. Again, you’ll get AI reports on what customers like and dislike about your products. It may be faster and easier than you thought, perhaps saving you three important components – time, money, and effort in a big-picture view. I’ve got zero experience in this area, just noting what I’ve read and ChatGPT has told me.

How can ChatGPT optimize marketing campaigns?

Feeding ChatGPT the right information to get what you’re looking for will take a bit of time and practice. But think about using the tool to generate multiple variations of a single marketing campaign and testing each one. Two versions of Facebook ads? No problem. Do an A/B test to see which one generates the most clicks or dollars. You can also use ChatGPT to optimize a marketing campaign to analyze data from a Google AdWords campaign and then use those same insights for better performance. All of this information may be valid, but we still need humans to understand the data and implement the plan. 

How can ChatGPT help with lead generation?  

Marketers can also benefit from ChatGPT’s help with lead generation. How? It can create personalized responses based on prospects or customer’s inquiries and questions, which ultimately leads them down the sales funnel to become paying customers. With customer service it’s the same. The AI tool provides quick and accurate responses to a customer’s questions which every marketer knows helps retain customers and improve customer satisfaction. Doesn’t every brand want that?


ChatGPT and other AI writing tools can no doubt save marketers time, money and effort. Its ability to generate conversational text gives marketers and writers a head start on coming up with ideas and copy, and organizing it for multiple social media channels, landing pages, sales pages and more.

It can also write in a human-text voice in multiple languages; English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and a handful more. The quality of the writing may not be as good as a native speaker, but it still works. I’ll be translating some marketing planning training and public relations courses in Spanish and Portuguese and will let you know how it goes.

What’s important is that marketing departments can increase their efficiency in content creation, analyzing data, lead generation and customer service – without the need for constant manual input. So, in a sense, they save time.

Will humans be needed in this marketing AI-driven world? 

I say yes. There will always be a need for human marketers with listening skills, perspective, experience, creativity, good judgement and reasoning, and brainstorming capabilities. In my marketing career there has always been a need for positioning, advice, an early morning call to share good news, and a text late at night to tell me you got on TV.

I love marketing and marketing planning, but I’ll always take the assist. I’ve added ChatGPT to my marketing tool belt. My hope is that I find more time, too.  


  1. Mark E Matanes

    Hi Robin…we met briefly at a seminar at Constant Contact a few years back.. quite impressed I must say. I even signed up for a 1 on 1 with you, but never took advantage of it. At the ripe old age of 75, and retired from teaching, I have begun a digital ad agency to help small business owners with lead generation and customer acquisition. I have very limited social media/internet skills, but saw this as a new challenge in my life. Am I crazy or just delusional, and how might you be able to help?

    • Marketing and PR Expert Robin Samora

      So glad you reconnected with me, Mark. I just sent you an email to set up a call. So many ways to help small businesses get up and running. If you love what you do, you’re never too old!


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