How to Get Free PR with HARO

[Updated 2023]

Say goodbye to expensive marketing and PR budgets with HARO, a go-to resource for entrepreneurs, small business owners, experts, and authors who want to gain visibility and get media attention. PR is an extension of your marketing planning — and public relations and marketing work hand in hand to grow your brand!

HARO, short for Help a Reporter Out, isn’t a total secret. It’s a public relations and marketing staple for millions of small business owners and publicists who want a competitive edge in their marketing plan.

How do you get free PR with HARO?

The first step is to check out HARO online, then sign up at You’ll get three updates daily of media opportunities across a variety of fields like healthcare, business and finance, education, technology, and entertainment.

After you sign up and review all the categories, learn how to respond the right way to a HARO request. Don’t worry about making a mistake. With over two decades of experience, I’ll share PR and media insight to help you get noticed and picked up by the press. I can even teach you more advanced PR strategies in my public relations training – which may be covered by a small business grant.

Ready for a quick lesson on HARO? Check out this example of a self-marketing and promotion HARO query response, complete with tips and tricks. Get the biggest bang for your buck with the help of HARO!

Let’s start off with the reporter’s pitch:   

Summary: Self-Marketing/Promotion

Category: Business and Finance

Email: *****

Media Outlet: Anonymous

Deadline: 7:00 PM CST – 6 February

Query: Self-Marketing/Promotion Tips Wanted. We’re looking for experts who have tips on marketing themselves on a budget.   

Here’s my response, broken down into smaller sections with comments:    

In the email subject line, use the exact title that the reporter used for his or her query.    

Email subject: HARO: Self-Marketing Promotion  

Typically, with HARO, there’s a contact name, which I’d address in the response. This one is anonymous, so I just used “Hello”.   


Start by noting who you are, what you do, your website URL and your credentials. Remember: reporters are looking for experts, so you need to state right off the bat that you’re qualified. 

My name is Robin Samora and I’m a small business marketing and PR consultant from Boston, MA. I believe in no cost, low-cost marketing strategies and giving straight marketing advice. Why waste time, money, or resources on what doesn’t work? 

Next, provide a one sentence lead-in that ties directly into what the reporter is looking for. Though you may be tempted write more here – as you might with a proposal – resist that urge. All you want to do is confirm that you understand what is required here.  

Here are 5 Tips for Self-Marketing and Promotion 

From there, provide your content using a list, bullet, or point-form. Share at least 3 – 5 points that cite you as an expert. Note: These tips provide an example of the content you could include and provide a teaching lesson as well! Less is more.   

  1. Share your knowledge. Offer an initial consultation where you provide some meaningful value and explain what you do, who you do it for and most importantly, how you help your clients solve problems and achieve goals. Your time investment can be as little as 15 minutes. Stay organized and keep track of your appointments with a calendar invite like mine.   
  2. Stay in touch with your clients and prospects — and often. You may say,  “hey, I knew that already!,” I’m amazed at how often smart and successful people neglect to stay in touch with their clients and prospects on a regular basis. Send a quick email, a video message, a link to an article, like this digital marketing cheat sheet. Or maybe a hand-written birthday card. Personal referrals for new business are always appreciated, too.    
  3. Be consistent in all your communication. A confused mind never buys. That’s why it’s critical to know who your target audience is and make it a priority to stay in front of them. Be consistent with your branding and messaging in person and on social media. Mix it up and track what works. Email, blogs, social media, texts, video, FAQs, chat bots, landing pages, QR codes — even on your voice mail.
  4. Build a referral base. While many successful people rely on referrals and “word of mouth” advertising, I’m amazed at how few of them actively build a strong referral base. All it takes is a genuine thank you or small gesture (gift certificates work great) to those who have helped build your business. And don’t shy away from asking for referrals. Here’s a podcast on How to Surprise and Delight Your Customers.
  5. Let your community know what you’re up to.  Speaking or giving a webinar? Just published a book or up for an award? All of that qualifies you as an expert. Let your clients, partners, vendors, and followers know that you’re up to something big and worthy of their business. Everyone’s busy so don’t be afraid to mention it a few times on different platforms. Depending on the audience you can also send a recap, press release, follow-up article – or maybe a link to a podcast, interview, or TV show.

This kind of communication and connection strengthens the bond with the people in your network, which in turn strengthens your marketing efforts.

I hope these tips help with your story. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at (617) 921–3448 if you have any questions.  

Thanks for your consideration,


Always include a customized email signature with a call to action at the end of your pitch. It helps you stand out, promotes your expertise, and highlights your latest projects. Noteworthy emails always get saved and often forwarded!  

Bonus tip: Be consistent. Just because you don’t get picked up at first, don’t be afraid to pitch stories on a regular basis. Know who reporters and influencers are in your industry – and stay in touch, even if you’re a resource (24/7), of course.



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Robin Samora

As a small business owner for the last 20 years, I’ve gained experience, wisdom, insight, and knowledge to help you market yourself and your brand at a fraction of the cost. My focus is to use the same PR and promotional strategies used by bigger brands, and personalize them to fit your needs and goals.

I’d love to help you.

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