10 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Collaborative Stories to Boost Your Marketing

Have you heard about the new LinkedIn feature called “Collaborative Stories”? It’s a cool way for multiple users to work together on a single story. It’s an AI-powered conversation starter that sparks your readers’ interest and prompts them to contribute to a story. Think of it as a collaborative article with a more casual, storytelling approach that allows for more visual content. Use it as a social media marketing tool – and test-drive it in your marketing plan.

Why should you care about LinkedIn Collaborative Stories?

Collaborative Stories can help marketers, small business owners, and consultants build visibility and expert status in several ways. If you contribute to these Stories with other professionals in your industry, it’s possible to reach new audiences and establish yourself as a trustworthy thought leader. And by adding visual content, you can make content more engaging and shareable.

10 Reasons to Use LinkedIn’s Collaborative Stories to Boost Your Marketing

  1. Increased engagement. LinkedIn’s Collaborative Stories allow users to invite others to contribute to a shared story, which can increase engagement and interaction among followers. LinkedIn’s algorithm likes engagement and may favor your article.
  2. Expanded reach. When multiple experts contribute to a story, it can be shared with their respective networks, expanding the reach of the content, and potentially attracting new followers. More views, more potential for future connections.
  3. Humanized brand messaging. LinkedIn’s stories can showcase the people behind a brand or organization, humanizing the messaging and helping to build more personal connections with followers. Stronger connections, stronger relationships.
  4. Real-time updates. Collaborative Stories can be updated in real-time, allowing users to share breaking news, events, or other timely information. Think of it as a Wikipedia of sorts inviting others to contribute to a shared story with a diverse perspective on a particular topic or issue that’s hot, interesting or trending.
  5. Enhanced creativity. Another benefit of Collaborative Stories? To inspire creativity and collaboration with others. Create an opportunity to collaborate on unique and engaging content that can stand out on the platform. Gain attention and comments from viewers, build brand awareness and expert authority.
  6. Showcase diversity and inclusion. Build a platform for showcasing diversity and inclusion within an organization. Use Stories In the workplace so multiple employees can share their experiences, perspectives, and insights, helping to create a more inclusive company culture.
  7. Foster a sense of community. Help to build a sense of community as others come together to share what their thoughts and feelings. Stories can help to foster a supportive and collaborative environment on the platform – with a greater purpose other than brand marketing. 
  8. Build thought leadership. Enhancing thought leadership is another key benefit of LinkedIn’s new Stories tool. Multiple experts can share their vision on a particular topic or issue and get featured for their contributions – which can be always be repurposed.
  9. Enhance brand loyalty. When viewers can see the human side of a brand or organization and connect with the people behind it, it helps to build brand loyalty among followers. Loyal customers and followers can become brand advocates this way.
  10. Provide a platform for employee advocacy. As employees share their experience and insights within their networks, they can help build a brand’s reputation and attract new talent. In a tight job market, social proof makes a difference in the hiring process.

If you’re thinking of adding LinkedIn’s Collaborative Stories to your marketing plan, study a couple of examples (below) and look at the potential benefits: increased engagement, expanded reach, and enhanced creativity, among others.

Why not create compelling content and contribute your expertise to build a collaborative community around a particular topic or issue? You may be surprised at the results – and visibility.

For FAQs about LinkedIn’s Collaborative Stories, check out this article and study these two great examples: effective strategies to proofread your own writing and how to use user generated content to improve your SEO organic traffic





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