21 Ways to Repurpose Content for Social Media

In any marketing plan, social media is key. But creating content for social media can take a ton of time and max out your resources, not to mention brain power – even with AI. Thankfully, there are ways to maximize your content without burning the midnight oil.

21 Ways to Repurpose Content for Social Media

  1. Turn a blog post into a series of social media posts. Take key ideas from your blog post and use them to create social media posts. This is an easy way to break down lengthy content into bite-sized pieces that are easier to digest. Use different social media platforms to reach different audiences; LinkedIn for B2B, etc.
  2. Design a quote graphic. Grab your audience’s attention with a powerful quote from your content to share where your viewers are most active. Dedicate enough time to make sure your graphics are visually appealing and sized correctly. Canva is one of my favorite user-friendly design tools. Lessons are available online that are amazing!
  3. Make your blog post a video. Stand out on social media by turning blog posts into videos. Feature key points and insights. Short-form videos are highly engaging and effective. Use tools like Lumen5 and Animoto to create videos quickly and easily. If this format works, take the next step – produce a video series.
  4. Create a webinar. You’ve written excellent content so why not use it in a webinar! Webinars allow you to dive deeper into topics where you’re the subject matter expert. Plus, they provide value to your audience. Think about webinar platforms like Zoom and GoogleMeet and look at design alternatives to replace boring slides. You can also turn a webinar into a social media live session or a tutorial with step-by-step instructions.
  5. Take your podcast episode and turn it into a video.  Are recent podcast episodes sitting in a digital folder? Shake the dust off and create a video. It’s a resourceful way to share content and videos grab attention, which is perfect to build an audience of new listeners. Test drive tools like Headliner to create videos with captions and animations.
  6. Think about a social media poll. Repurpose snippets of your content and use them as polls – with the main purpose of encouraging engagement and feedback. Polls get your audience involved and allow you to gather insights on their preferences and opinions. It’s not all about you, remember? Check out available tools on Twitter and Instagram.
  7. Turn your blog post into a PDF guide. You’ve definitely put in the time, so own up to being an expert. Turn your best work into a PDF that establishes you as a brand authority. Here’s one way to do it. There’s always Google Docs, too.
  8. Plan a social media challenge. If social media challenges intimidate you, follow tried and true guidelines to build like, know, trust and believability. Social media challenges also create a sense of community around your brand. Amplify your efforts by creating multiple social media challenges. Put it on your calendar and get it done!
  9. Design an infographic. What can you do with data and insights from published content? Create an infographic to share on social media. Infographics make concepts easier to understand and they’re shareable. You don’t need to stop at one, create a series. Try Piktochart to see how it works.
  10. Write a social media story series. So much content, so little time. Put your content to good use by creating social media stories that cover different aspects or topics in your industry. A series that’s visually compelling and interactive engages your audience through storytelling and keeps them coming back for more. Who doesn’t want that?
  11. Turn your blogs into a podcast series. Using the same concept as taking your blogs and turning them into podcasts, go a step further and create a series of podcast episodes. This expands your audience reach and satisfies listeners who are already interested in what you have to say. Another option is to turn your podcast into a social media tip series.
  12. Create a social media Q&A. Think about a social media Q&A to engage viewers and solicit feedback. This format addresses your target audience’s questions and concerns and fosters a sense of community. Ultimately, this builds trust and increases your followers.
  13. Repurpose webinars into a series of social media videos. Break up webinars into a series of short social media videos, each covering a different topic or point. You’ll reach a wider audience and bite-sized video content is easy to consume and share. I do something similar with my bite-sized podcast, the Fast Marketing Minute.
  14. Turn a podcast episode into a social media carousel. Create a carousel of images or graphics. Highlight a key point or insight from your podcast episode to engage viewers and make it easy for them to share your insights with others. Create a CTA that tells the audience what to do. A confused mind never buys.
  15. Make a social media live session from blog posts. Use your blog post theme as the foundation for a live session on social media. Answer questions. Talk about success stories. Demonstrate your expertise. Your audience wants to learn more, so give them what they want. Turn lookers into buyers when you showcase value.
  16. Create a social media how-to guide or tip series. Develop a how-to guide and promote on social media, providing step-by-step instructions and tips. This establishes you as a trusted authority and gives your audience actionable advice and guidance. Repurpose your genius with a process they can easily follow.
  17. Compile a social media resource list. Looking for other ways to establish yourself as an expert? Create a list of resources from marketing content that provides value. Include information from FAQs and articles. Design a downloadable PDF, eBook, and add a link to your media kit, too. Share across multiple channels.
  18. Write a listicle. Everyone loves lists. Buzzsumo has the perfect guide on how to create them here. Share your top 10 tips for improving productivity, marketing planning, or your favorite books of the year. Expand your listicles into a tip book or mini-book and distribute them at tradeshows, speaking engagements or send before a prospect meeting.
  19. Run a social media contest: Turn a podcast episode into a social media contest. Ask listeners to share their favorite quote from the episode, piece of advice or nugget of information. Pick a winner to receive a prize and promote on social media so that everyone wins. Be sure to follow through – social media can have a nasty edge if you’re not paying attention and neglecting your audience.
  20.  Develop a testimonial and case study combo. Use customer feedback or testimonials to create both a testimonial and case study to share online. One idea is to share a customer success story and highlight how your product or service helped them achieve their goals, saved money, solved their problem in record time, etc.
  21. Organize a live event: You worked hard to create content, so consider sharing it via a live event on social media. Connect with your audience in real-time. Facebook and Instagram are great channels for live Q&A sessions where you can answer questions, give tips and offer feedback that’s related to your content.

Even though I’m a marketing and public relations consultant, I’m still amazed at the endless ways you can repurpose content for social media. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different formats and track the ROI.

Mix and match these small business marketing strategies to create a diverse range of content that engages and informs your audience on different platforms. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to have fun! Let me know your progress!



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