Marketing Trends: What’s Deinfluencing?

We know about the power of influencing and influencers, but what’s “delinfluencing”? And should you pay attention to the recent trend? If influencing is in your marketing plan – or at least on your radar, I’d say yes be open to learning more.

Deinfluencing is a relatively new trend emerging on social media, particularly on YouTube and TikTok. It’s about social media influencers who provide their honest opinions and give a thumbs down on how society (and the internet) promotes wanting and more of just about everything. Not just to keep up with the Jones’, but with the masses.

This “too much spending trend” or overconsumption is gaining traction because viewers are savvy and more aware of influencer’s manipulative tactics “to be more if you buy more” or to buy the most expensive product when an $8.00 item may be the perfect choice.  They’re also growing tired of paid sponsorships and endorsements that are self-centered, with a financial goal to just push products, and make a ton of money.

As a result, audiences are looking for and often favoring brand advocates who “say it like it is” even if it means not making a purchase.

Why is Deinfluencing Important to Marketers?

Deinfluencing represents a shift in the online economy and suggests re-examining what you buy, and what you believe about an influencer’s message (sales pitch). With all the noise of “buy this buy that,” people are more skeptical and a red flag is raised – and pointed at influencers who appear to be less authentic.

It’s a push from sell and buy – to tell me for real and you better be genuine.

What does it mean if your business adopts a paid influencer model? At least consider the deinfluencing point of view in your content strategy, scripting, and video marketing plan. You may be more likely to connect, gain credibility, and build long-lasting relationships with prospects and customers.

Who are the Next-Generation Influencers?

Pay attention to Micro-influencers. Leaders in your industry. Executive Directors of Chamber of Commerce. Association presidents. People you know who are successful in their chosen field. It could be your next-door neighbor who’s well respected and has a network of thousands on LinkedIn. It might also be a colleague with a huge Instagram following. It could be your wife or your partner. Maybe even your dog.  

These micro-influencers, people you may know or have met, are perceived to be more real and trustworthy for businesses because they usually are.  They’re also easier to contact and work with. Typically, they have a smaller following and are tight with their community, more engaged, and aren’t paid for what they think (well, maybe they’ll sell their book).  Because they’re invested in what they believe and who they believe in, there’s a good chance they may be willing to help if it’s a cause or person that aligns with who they are.

To find the right micro-influencers for your business or brand, look at leaders who are a good fit and add value to what you’re doing. Look in your own circle or cul-de-sac, but also check out LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube. They might be a second or third connection away. Just remember that trust takes time to grow. And be mindful of how you get in touch and what you say (like how you contact a reporter).

Bottom line: Like it, love it, hate it. Social media is here to stay. As a marketer, it’s important to keep up with new trends and strategies to know what’s out there. Not that you have to do anything or everything, just be informed. Not everything goes in your marketing plan nor should it.

My advice is to pay attention to tech and trends  They go together like peanut butter and jelly – or marketing and PR.  Never forget though, that the human connection is important, too.

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