14 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Marketing

For the last two months, I taught a digital marketing and social media course to small business owners and marketing managers who were looking to expand their marketing plan. In our final class, we did some exercises with ChatGPT and assigned it a task – to write an email campaign to reach prospects in the business’ target market. The prompts were varied and more concise with each attempt, resulting in a draft that was pretty darn good – but not quite there yet.

ChatGPT will help you brainstorm, create an outline, give you a jump start on your marketing and collateral, but it won’t be creative, and it doesn’t understand nuances that come from building relationships. It also doesn’t always get the context right and is (totally) dependent on the prompts you give it. So, to be a better AI marketing expert, be uber specific when asking it to complete a task.

Another AI marketing tip? Always check the finished draft if you’re writing out of your expertise – and have it checked by someone with the right expertise. Jazz it up with your own voice and brand personality, and make sure it speaks to your customers in a way you would speak with them.

14 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Marketing

  1. Need scripts for your chatbot? Ask an AI tool like ChatGPT, Bard, JasperAI, CopyAI, or ChatSonic to answer customer questions and provide product information. Think of it like you’re having a conversation, with some back and forth. You’ve got the upper hand; you can stop or edit your messages at any time.
  2. Develop landing pages faster. Create easy to read landing pages and A, B, C testing to engage with potential customers and collect their information. Always be specific in your ask and tell ChatGPT what you’d like for your end result. Ask nicely and maybe you’ll get a few call-to-action ideas.
  3. Create product/service descriptions. Need copy for your website, brochures, service offerings, rack cards, or you name it? Just remember you’ll need to edit any copy an AI tool gives you — so don’t jump on the brand wagon and head west. You need to think about what you’re creating and why. Make sure all of your messaging is consistent in the same voice and tone. Brands are all about how you make someone feel.
  4. Craft social media posts. ChatGPT and other tools can help save time and resources by creating not just copy, but social media posts and captions to promote your business or a non-profit that you give back to. Load a blog post or article into the ‘machine’ and tell it what you want. You can get hashtags too. This is where experimentation is fun (and safe).
  5. Refine email marketing campaigns. Like my experiment in class, AI lets you develop email marketing campaigns based on goals you want to set. If you’re taking the time to create an email campaign, why not make it personalized and engaging? Write a prompt to pique your prospect’s interest – or create FOMO, fear of missing out. As with any marketing plan, what you put into it, you get out of it.
  6. Win the FAQs game. Create FAQs from questions you’re asked or look at FAQs your competitors are asked. Use your keywords first, then their keywords – or a combination. Generating FAQs helps customers understand your products and services better, gives you an opportunity for higher ranking organic SEO, plus you can use the FAQs to shoot two-minute videos.
  7. Write videos scripts. Want to promote products and services on YouTube, for testimonials, How-to’s, behind the scenes, event promotion, and a whole bunch more? Get those scripts going! Here’s a blog on 7 Easy Ways to Repurpose Video. The thing is, you can’t just write a video script (or ask ChatGPT for one), you need to shoot it too! Ask and you will receive scripts for webinars or sales presentations, too.
  8. Increase expert authority with blog posts. Ah, the blog. Does anyone even read anymore? Yes, people read blogs all day long and if your target audience isn’t as attentive as you like, your optimized content will still work on your behalf to improve your organic SEO. Just be sure you’re using the right keywords and keyword phrases. Don’t tell it to the mountain, tell ChatGPT that you want a 1,000 word blog post, to include this and that, mention x, y , and z, and so on. Rewrite in your voice. You’re a human.
  9. Create product manuals. If you’ve ever tried to write a product manual to help customers understand how to use your products, you might have noticed it’s not always a labor of love. AI writing tools give you shortcuts to create a final product in some cases in under an hour, as long as you feed it the right information. Before you bless the final ok or hit send, fact check, not just once, but twice. Maybe more if you’re a recovering perfectionist like me.
  10. Revise long-form content. Take books, whitepapers, scripts, and case studies (for example), and create short-form content for blogs or social media. In fact, now that AI’s here to stay, learn how to take any article or blog post you wrote and shorten it, change the perspective, make it friendlier, more serious, add Brit humor or create a rap or two. Fact check for voice and style, please. It’s worth your time. You might also want to read this article on 21 Ways to Repurpose Content for Social Media. I’m all for making the most of your digital assets.
  11. Develop or rewrite copy. If you’re like most small businesses, you’re at least a year ahead of what you talk about on your website – unless you’ve just relaunched. Ask AI to help you develop or rewrite copy for your website, headers, sub headers, About page, or calls to action. I’m adding email newsletters in this category too. They can always use a refresh.
  12. Save time brainstorming. Tagline, slogans, online ads, podcast questions. Guerilla marketing ideas. Gifts for clients. Best websites to find the perfect meatball recipe. Places to go in Alaska. Get a head start on brainstorming when you don’t have the mental energy or just want that all important jump-start. Copy and paste your response to a word document, save to a file, and edit when you’re ready. No red pencil required.
  13. Jazz up your LinkedIn profile. Amazing. That’s the word I’ll use for how you can use AI to transform your LinkedIn profile. You’ll need the right prompts – which I’ve nailed down with the help of one of my favorite colleague’s who also happens to be an AI expert. There’s no need for anyone ever to have a blah or boring bio. Contact me if you want a few ideas.
  14. Write recommendations with ease. What you write reflects not just on the receiver, but on you too. Make it easy with AI. Create your own recipe for the perfect recommendation. Facts + tone+ examples + positive impact. How someone helped you. How they went over and above with a project and what it meant for you. Provide examples, copy, and some point of reference. You influence the results and the flow, by choosing the right words to match your request.

Bottomline: There are so many more ways to use AI in marketing and I haven’t even talked about books, e-books, research projects, and resumes. My ask is that you’re responsible with these tools; never give your personal information, and know that as an expert, you may be quoted somewhere down the line.

AI is amazing. Time saving. A resource. Use it wisely. And carefully. And have fun. Like you tell your kids, always have your wits about you.

Interested in learning more? You might also like to read this: Tips for Writing ChatGPT Prompts. It will help you refine your writing and get better results!



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