10 Marketing Tips to Ace Your Branding

Marketing isn’t just about selling a product; it’s about telling a story – one that’s clear, effective, and to the point. To start, have a marketing plan that details where you want to go. Branding is part of that marketing planning – and you need to get focused to get noticed.

1. Go Beyond Products and Services

Don’t get stuck on features alone. Ask yourself, what’s the primary problem your product or service solves? Center your branding around that to figure out what your customer really needs. That will position you as more of a trusted confidante rather than just another seller. You solve your customer’s problems better, right? 

2. Engage Emotionally

Details matter. But it’s also the emotional connection that seals the deal. The key is to write copy that’s straightforward and connects with your prospect or client emotionally. It’s about finding a balance between providing information and relating to their needs.

3. Maybe You Need a Refresh

If there’s a shift in the market or change in what your customers may be thinking (based on recent news, social chatter, etc.), it might be time for a refresh. A new brand identity or updated look may give your business the momentum it needs. Just do it in a way that fits your brand personality. 

4. Define Your Space

What does your brand stand for? If you’re in an industry where the norm isn’t established – look for opportunities; hint: they can be challenges. Then create a niche by letting customers know exactly where you stand. Branding is part visual, voice, tone, and feeling. It’s not just what you say – it’s how you make people feel.  

5. Don’t Fake Feelings to Win Approval

A straightforward brand is genuine. There may be times when you upset a segment of your audience, but they may not be your ideal audience anyway. That’s ok.  Better to build a community aligned with your values. No need for dramatics. Just be you. Create a brand that’s true to its promise, and you’ll attract the right audience (and buyers). It just won’t be overnight. 

6. Address Your Audience’s Biases

Every one of us has beliefs that hold true, whether they’re true or not. It really doesn’t matter what you think (as the brand owner). It’s what your customer thinks. Recognize and understand their preconceptions and address them head-on in your branding strategy. It simplifies communication and establishes clarity. A confused mind never buys, it just keeps scrolling.

7. Preview the Experience

One of the reasons social media – and videos, webinars, and speaking gigs are so popular is that they give your audience a feel of what you, your product, or service are all about. A glimpse of what it’s like to work with you. Like reading an article that’s been published but in more real-time. One of the benefits of this sneak peek is that it may also increase your conversion rate. Jump on that brand wagon for sure!

8. Show You’re Trustworthy

It’s a fickle marketplace. Brands come and go. Be the one that sparkles and outshines the competition. You don’t have to be the biggest or strongest or have the most social media following. Show up as what you stand for on a consistent basis. Be reliable. Responsible. Do what you say you’re going to do. Let customers know you’re a brand they can count on.

9. Create a Cohesive Brand

Your brand strategy and business strategy should be in sync. When one isn’t aligned with the other, you go off-piste and so does your audience. This goes way beyond look and feel, it’s about the impression your brand makes. Check your media channels. Are your websites, social media, newsletters, and podcasts cohesive? Or are you all over the place. Don’t worry if you are, there’s always a fix.  

10. Keep a Consistent Brand Tone

Anyone who checks you out on the web should recognize your brand – if you’ve put in the time to establish, nurture, and promote it. A successful brand also requires you to be consistent Almost like a signature tune that customers recognize; they always know it’s always you.


In the end, create a brand that says who you are and what you do. Jeff Bezos said, “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” If you don’t know what’s being said, or you’re a little bit nervous, read these 10 Marketing Tips to Ace Your Brand again. They’re the principles of marketing, you can take to the bank.





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