Recognized as a Top 40 Small Business Marketing Blog

Get all the marketing and PR tips I’ve learned over the past 20 years to make your business successful.

Recognized as a Top 40 Small Business Marketing Blog

Get all the marketing and PR tips I’ve learned over the past 20 years to make your business successful

Recognized by Feedspot as one of the
Top 40 Small Business Marketing Blogs

6 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

So you think Pinterest is only for women who want to share their favorite banana bread recipe? Well, think again. Pinterest is, hands down, one of the best-kept secrets in online marketing. And it’s no longer just for niche markets like cooking, DIY, fashion and...

6 Easy Ways to Use Customer Testimonials in Your Marketing

Everybody likes a pat on the back. It feels good and tells you that someone values the work you’ve done. In the online world, customer testimonials are like a digital pat on the back -- with a bonus. You build brand trust, increase your customer base, and ultimately,...

7 Best Websites to Find Freelance Marketing Help

No matter what the economy is doing, you can’t stop marketing. Simple as that.  Staying in front of your target audience and letting them know you’re alive and open for business is key, especially now. And any smart marketer will tell you -- you can’t do it all...

How to Find a Savvy Marketing Intern

Not only have times changed for business, but for college students looking for internships.   In previous years, ambitious college students would be flooding the market, blanketing prospective employers with emails and resumes, and looking for internships to...

Is Quora the Best Q + A Marketing Platform?

Want insight on how your customers think and what they need?  Look at Quora, the ultimate question and answer site for experts who want to provide value (and get leads), and readers who want guidance (and free advice). It may not seem like the most exciting...

How to Get Featured on the Google Discover Feed

Are you wondering about Google Discover? You’re not alone. A lot of marketers don’t know what it is or how to leverage it for their online marketing. Google Discover is found on Google's home page and it’s a fresh take on the news feed format found on social media. It...

How to Market Your Business on Nextdoor

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came…” While those are the lyrics to the popular 80s TV show Cheers, they could easily be singing the praises of Nextdoor. Nextdoor is one of the fastest growing social media...

Marketing Tips if You’re Looking for a New Job

Whether you were looking for a new job before the pandemic hit or have lost your job because of it, one thing is clear: getting hired may be more difficult than before. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. You’re now in the marketing business, marketing yourself. And...

New LinkedIn Feature Spotlights Your Best Work

LinkedIn gives you a whole new way to show off your talents. They’ve recently created a “Featured” section that lives right on your profile page. It’s a designated area where you can highlight work that you’d like to feature. Articles you’ve written, images you’d like...


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