Welcome to My Small Business Marketing and PR Blog

This is my 20th year in business
and I love writing about marketing.

Welcome to My
Small Business
Marketing and PR Blog

This is my 20th year in business
and I love writing about marketing.

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Top 40 Small Business Marketing Blogs

Social Branding & PR Guidelines for 2020

Whether you’re starting out, building a brand mid-career, or looking to up your game as an expert, entrepreneur – hey, even a bon vivant wanting to build an international following, you need to get noticed and build visibility.  It doesn’t matter what your business...

How to Quickly Find Any Blogger’s Contact Information

There may be more books delivered to my house by Amazon, than my block combined. As you might have guessed, I love exploring online and offline, and learning as much as I can about marketing and PR. Recently, I came across a guide by Jason McDonald; Marketing:...

7 Ways to Skyrocket Your Executive Presence and WOW a Room

Have you noticed certain people in the corporate world seem to have a special aura about them? This special aura is hard to describe and define. But, frankly, that’s beside the point, because you instantly “know” when you’re in the presence of such a person --...

Public Speaking for Executives: The Original Social Media

Guest Article By David Newman You’re blogging. You’re tweeting. You’re linked in. You’re creating videos and articles and whitepapers. All of that is great, but let’s not forget that social media is — first and foremost — social! It’s personal. And that person is YOU....

Here’s What You Need in Your Media Kit

If you’ve taken the leap to become press-worthy, first of all, congratulations! It’s essential that you’re prepared to showcase who you are and your accomplishments, as well as be armed to present your expertise and story in a way that is professional, organized and...

How to Write a Winning Press Release

Before getting started, go through this checklist: ____YES ____NO  Is this “newsworthy”? ____YES ____NO  Does this fit my overall brand message? ____YES ____NO  Do I want this to “live forever” on the web? ____YES ____NO  Do I have my 3-4 keywords and phrases ____YES...

MORE Marketing & PR Tips to Get Attention [Tips 27 – 52]

There are endless ways you can get attention from the media and your customers. After writing my 26 tips last week, I kept thinking about all the ones I didn’t mention. So I thought I’d just go ahead and give your 26 MORE tips to getting your business the attention it...

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