Recognized as a Top 40 Small Business Marketing Blog

Get all the marketing and PR tips I’ve learned over the past 20 years to make your business successful.

Recognized as a Top 40 Small Business Marketing Blog

Get all the marketing and PR tips I’ve learned over the past 20 years to make your business successful

Recognized by Feedspot as one of the
Top 40 Small Business Marketing Blogs

8 Marketing Tips to Reach Teens

You probably spend most of your marketing efforts trying to reach adults, but what about the teenage market? Teens make up about 13% of the U.S. population and they’re constantly buying – with their own budgets and with the help of their parent’s wallets. Here are 8...

How to Rock Your Next Digital PR Campaign

If you’re a savvy business owner, you probably know about digital PR. It’s an online marketing strategy that focuses on making connections with big media outlets, digital publications, and social media platforms to get you more visibility, SEO, and quality backlinks....

10 Marketing Tips to Reach the Hispanic Community

September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s also a reminder and opportunity to connect your business with the Hispanic and Latinx community—the largest minority market in America with 62.3 million Hispanic people living in the U.S.  If your...

6 Marketing Tips to Find Keywords with Social Media

Social media is probably not the first place you go for keyword research, but it could be an unexpected goldmine. Here are six tips and tricks to make marketing (and life) easier by using social media to find fresh and high-ranking keywords.  1. Search social...

5 Public Speaking Tips to Nail Your Next Hybrid Event

If you’re an expert, you know public speaking is a powerful marketing tool to build your brand, boost your reputation, and drive leads. Whether you consider yourself a speaker or have been giving it some thought, one thing is for sure. The speaking landscape has...

5 Top Marketing Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them [2021]

Marketing your business seems like it should be straightforward. You have a product or service, and market it to your target audience. But what happens when unusual challenges won’t give you a break? Here are some tips to master marketing in less than perfect times. 5...

6 LinkedIn Content Ideas and Marketing Tips for 2021

If your LinkedIn marketing strategy is “throwing darts” to see what sticks, maybe there’s a better way. Who needs to do more work for less results?  Make the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategies for the rest of 2021, using these content ideas and...

Will AI Copywriting Save or Kill Your Marketing?

Robots doing work and writing articles for people might sound like a sci-fi film, but it’s not that far from our reality. AI (artificial intelligence) copywriting tools can now crunch copy and produce short and long-form content to help you market your business. Does...

Zero-Cost Marketing Strategies: Start a Podcast Tour

Marketing your small business can be frustrating when you’re working hard, but not seeing results. It can also be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can win new clients, increase visibility, and grow your business —with no-cost marketing. One easy and effective...

5 SEO Marketing and Copywriting Tips to Rank Higher

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about getting people to see your content online. But if you’re doing it wrong – even though your content is amazing – it can be frustrating given the time, effort and resources it takes to plan and write on a consistent...


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