Corporate Training & Marketing Grants

Just ask. I’d love to train your company!

Corporate Training & Marketing Grants

Just ask. I’d love to train your company!

7 Killer Marketing Strategies to Win in the New Normal

No matter what stage of business you’re in or what your sales numbers look like, a solid marketing plan gives you a comprehensive overview of where you are now, where you want to go – and details on how to get there. It’s more than a roadmap, it’s a combination of research and marketing insight to grow your business, followed by a step-by-step action plan.  

Hire me to work with your company or train your team on how to become more effective marketers. Some businesses like to work 1:1, others prefer ‘VIP Done for You’ services like having me write a customized marketing plan. It doesn’t matter how big your team is (or isn’t), I offer strategic work sessions on digital marketing, social media, low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies, free PR and publicity, and everything in between.

Check out my corporate packages below and let me know which training and services interest you – or if you’d like to mix and match and create your own.

I want you to be successful, and we both want results.

How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan (Part 1)

Hope is not a marketing strategy! This program provides virtual in-depth training on how to write your own marketing plan that delivers results. Participants receive a comprehensive questionnaire to complete which guides the process.

Topics include: situational analysis, industry trends, competitive analysis, target markets, branding, website review, outreach communication, social media, PR, video, speaking opportunities, referral marketing, and charitable initiatives.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify the components of a marketing plan and conduct research as it relates to their industry, trends and business lines
  • Gain clarity on company’s challenges, goals and priorities
    Review branding, website, blogs, videos, social media of participant’s company — as well as the competition’s
  • Research outreach opportunities to create brand awareness, lead generation, promote expertise in the marketplace, and gain media attention
  • Understand social media branding and marketing, platforms and messaging specific to company and industry; ie, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram.
How to Write an Strategic Marketing Plan (Part 2)

Plan to win when you work the plan! Part 2 of How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan.

This virtual program helps you create an action plan based on your marketing overview.

Action plan will be specific to your company and based on your research, insight, company’s feedback and will outline specific action items to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and one-time-only basis.

Participants will learn to:

  • Evaluate research and insight to create their own action plan to meet business goals
  • Identify, analyze, and prioritize outreach, social media, video, and content marketing activities
  • Get insight on what to post when, where, and how. Create a social media and editorial calendar to map marketing and content strategy. Learn social media tools and automation to promote your brand saving time and money.
  • End result is a comprehensive and customized digital action plan you have created to share/track/tweak with C-Suite, in-house team, virtual assistants and outsourced staff. 
'Done for You' Marketing and Action Plan (Part 1 and Part 2)

Please, just write a marketing plan for me! There’s not enough time to do everything! We collaborate with you to deliver a done-for-you comprehensive marketing and action plan, customized to meet your business goals.

Work 1:1 with marketing expert/instructor to complete marketing questionnaire and answers questions during the process.

Review and approve strategic marketing plan, then action plan via Zoom. Full email access to ask questions, get feedback, review content, pitch strategy.

VIP coaching via Zoom with monthly review is included to stay connected, offer feedback, and ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

This is a VIP Done for You service. Additional 1:1 advanced training and VIP consulting is available for participants and teams. 

Low-Cost and No-Cost Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a million dollars! This is a condensed virtual two-day course outlining no-cost and low-cost marketing strategies to increase business and build a rock solid online brand.

Topics include personal branding, email marketing, blogging, social media, graphics, video marketing, speaking, podcasting, tools, and apps.

Additional 1:1 advanced training and VIP consulting available for participants and teams. 

How to Get Free Publicity and Media Attention

Why hire a publicist when you can DIY? This virtual program provides instruction on how to get free publicity and media attention.

Topics include: identifying key industry journalists and influencers, review of pitch ideas and samples for multiple platforms; TV, radio, blogs, podcasts, speaking/virtual presentations and vlogs.

Step-by-step instructions on how to write a press release with proven templates, best practices for answering media queries on HARO (Help a Reporter), a look at social PR, bloggers, newsjacking, how to create a media kit, and winning strategies to repurpose published content.

This is a condensed program. Advanced 1:1 training and VIP consulting available for participants and teams.

Social Media Marketing Training

If you’re not online, no one will find you! This virtual program provides social media marketing instruction for business owners and teams who want a stronger presence on social media.

Topics include; goals and objectives, evaluation of social media channels, profile review, social branding elements, content marketing strategies, tone, style and frequency of messaging, graphics, video marketing, digital libraries, editorial calendars, shared cloud storage, tools and automation for starters.

Advanced training and VIP consulting available for participants and teams. 

Create Your Own Media Channels

Never let a social media platform control your content! This is a condensed virtual two-day course which will help develop and improve your own media channels, content and digital assets that you currently own.

Media channel review will include; website, blogs, articles, video, podcasts, white papers, books, e-books, freebies, online courses, and digital material that you have created or want to create to be seen as the expert.

Learn how to showcase your authority, build a stronger online brand, get a leg up on the competition, and bring business in the door.

Advanced training and VIP consulting available for participants and teams. 

Improve Your A-Game: Marketing and PR Private Workshop

Improve your A-Game with this LIVE marketing and PR workshop. Spend a full-day reviewing your company’s challenges and creating strategies to meet your marketing goals.

Preparation includes analysis of in-depth marketing questionnaire, current marketing initiatives, business lines, industry research, interviews with sales, marketing, and leadership team, as well as branding, social media, and media channel audits. Monthly coaching sessions, follow-up, and feedback included post-workshop.

This strategic work session is often requested during challenging times, when a company is seeking new direction, or experiencing slow and stagnant growth. It provides a roadmap for clarity, long-term planning, and success. 

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