Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why hire a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant creates targeted marketing and PR strategies for your business or brand, and gives you an expert’s perspective and solutions to your most important challenges. With decades of industry experience, small business marketing experts are well versed in advertising, marketing, sales, and PR. They use their creative, business, and analytical skills to spot and solve issues before they become problems, saving you time, money, and resources.

A small business marketing consultant will also identify and analyze your company’s situation, key target markets, current trends, differentiators, competitive landscape, and key opportunities. In addition, they will also review your online and offline branding, collateral, social media practices, as well as those of your competitors. Once this is complete, recommendations would be made to meet your specific marketing and PR goals. This is usually done with a customized marketing and action plan.

Before you hire a marketing consultant, make sure they listen to what’s most important to you, and that there’s a fit. You may decide on a marketing plan to accelerate growth, commit to working 1-2-1 with a marketing mentor, or both. You can also hire a marketing expert on an hourly or project basis.

For best results, be transparent with what’s working and what’s not. Often “never thought of” target markets and opportunities lead to unparalleled growth. You can’t think work ON your business, when you’re working IN your business.

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What should I look for in a marketing expert?

A small business marketing consultant typically has experience in complementary industries including: advertising, sales, PR, publicity, email marketing, blogging, writing, networking and referral strategies. Extensive knowledge in social media, digital media, guest blogging and podcasting, speaking, and other platforms is also valued.  Combined, all skills lead to years of practical hands-on work and client results, which ultimately help to solve your company’s most important marketing challenges.

By way of building their own network and resources, a trusted marketing expert recognizes opportunities, sheds the light on less successful ventures, and provides insight based on experience, a changing business climate, and feasibility.

Strong on ideas, and solid on strategy and development, a small business marketing consultant works to create customized programs and best practices to increase sales, credibility, and visibility on social media. By improving your personal and professional branding at every stage of your business, you’ll  meet business and lifestyle goals, and get recognized as the expert you really are.

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At what point should I hire an outside marketing consultant?

There are many reasons to bring in an outside marketing consultant.  Depending on what your goals are, an expert can almost always help you improve your business and its marketing.  Let’s look at certain milestones when it makes the most sense to bring in someone.

When you start a business
Starting a new small business is exciting, but there are many aspects to owning and running a business that you probably never considered. Of course, you’re an expert at what you do, but no one expects you to know how to do everything! Hiring a marketing expert to create a plan of action to launch your business and maintain your marketing efforts is no different than hiring an accountant to manage your books.  

When you’re stuck
If your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like, it might be time to bring in a marketing consultant. A seasoned expert can help you identify areas to be improved and create a strategic plan of action to meet your particular goals. When you hire someone, they can do as little or as much as you want — from evaluating and analyzing your current marketing efforts to developing a full-on marketing and PR plan to get you moving in the right direction.

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What different marketing packages do you offer?

Depending on what’s going on in your business, there are a variety of marketing solutions and packages to meet your goals, budget, and time frame.

You can hire me to work short-term, long-term, or by the hour. Customized marketing plans are also available.


  • Work with me 1-2-1
  • Customized marketing plans
  • Team/group training
  • Project based work
  • Hourly consultation
What’s in a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a comprehensive report that analyzes your brand or business’ situation, and identifies your target audience, challenges, opportunities, and competition. It contains key industry information, data, and marketing insights that differentiate your brand, and give you a competitive edge online and offline.

A well-written marketing plan supports the confirmed marketing direction and outlines every action step you need to take on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and one-time only basis.

It will also give you suggested time allotments for each individual task, to meet and exceed your goals.

Every marketing plan is unique and created for your brand’s individual situation, challenges, and goals. It’s based on information you provide, combined with extensive research gathered by our marketing and research teams. Both allow us to create a marketing plan that is current, authentic in flavor, data driven, focused on lead generation, and PR savvy.

We take pride in creating marketing plans that are user-friendly, easy to understand and easy to implement. 

Your customized marketing plan has two sections

The first is a marketing overview which is research rich and outlines detailed recommendations for your particular goals; ie, increase lead generation, fill your sales funnel, gain more speaking gigs, get noticed online and offline, pinpoint key influencers, create a social media following, establish a PR strategy, build referral partners, launch a blog, podcast, identify events, associations, and networking groups to join, attend, or be a part of, etc.

The second part of the marketing plan is a detailed action plan, developed after you have approved the marketing overview. The action plan outlines every action step you need to meet and exceed your goals.

Marketing plans take approximately 8 weeks to complete, once all information has been submitted. They are individually prepared, customized to your current situation, industry, and personal and professional goals.

Do you have experience in my industry?

In over two decades, I’ve worked with major cable television networks, Fortune 500 companies, Comcast, CBS, Major League Baseball, as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. Although the size and scope of companies have been different, goals have been similar. Every business wanted to attract more clients, be more profitable, gain visibility, broaden their social media presence, and ultimately be seen as a leader in their field.

The big guys, are noted above in categories. Feel free to ask me who they are. Small business clients and startups range from solopreneurs to bigger enterprises, $1 million plus.

Here’s a list of industries I’ve worked with:

Executive coaches, fitness experts, chiropractors, immigration attorneys, co-working spaces, mortgage lenders, yoga studios, speaking agencies, career experts, promotional products, entertainment specialists, construction companies, truck repair facilities, commercial real estate operations, digital marketing firms, authors, photo documentation services, bridal hair and makeup teams, residential real estate brokers, image consultants, integrated security providers, and photographers.  Others are signing up weekly.

Heck, even a Grammy® nominee called me, and won.

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Can you help me get on TV?

If you want to be featured on broadcast networks, having prior TV experience or video footage helps. It shows producers that you’re poised, a credible expert, and won’t freak on camera. I can teach you how to pitch TV stations, be featured online, and practice so you’ll be prepared – but I’m not a publicist and don’t know Oprah’s mobile number.

I can also guide or mentor you on how to get free publicity by pitching story ideas to journalists, bloggers and influencers, locally and nationally, so you’ll get noticed.

I’m also an expert on getting picked up on HARO; (Hint: it’s not an online dating site).

There are multiple ways to get press, including pitching to the Wall Street Journal®, but I suggest that you become media ready and ready to go, before you pitch any reporter. When you learn my free publicity strategies and actually get published, there’s no stopping you. You’ll jump for joy, collect logo and links, and fast track your credibility.

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