Marketing Planning Services

When you work with Robin, you get an actionable marketing plan for the next 12 months, customized for your business. You get the direction you need to increase sales and visibility, to meet your top goals.

Get a customized marketing plan to get your business back on track

When You Hire Robin

With our marketing planning services, my team and I will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that’s easy to understand and follow. You’ll get a marketing roadmap that’s designed to overcome your specific challenges, meet your short-term and long-term goals, and get results.


Brand Assessment

In every marketing plan, we assess your current brand across all platforms and ongoing marketing efforts. This includes how you’re viewed on social media and ways you can improve.


Competitive Analysis

How does your business stack up against your competitors? We provide small businesses with key competitive insights and industry trends so you can stay ahead of the game and be prepared.


Winning Strategy

We create a detailed marketing plan for you, designed specifically to grow your business. Want to increase sales? Build a social media following? You’ll get that and more with our marketing plans.

Marketing Plans that Provide Direction

Every small business needs a marketing plan; it’s the foundation of success. You either have a marketing plan, or you’re winging it.

I’m not one to deliver half-baked ideas or advice. I work with you to create a thorough and actionable marketing plan for your business. Every marketing plan is unique and integrated for your business, and includes:

In-depth target audience research
Detailed competitive analysis
Brand identity reports
Specific ways to reach your target audience
Clear marketing goals, next steps, and a roadmap to follow

Marketing Plans Personalized
for Your Business

As we develop your marketing plan, we work with you 1:1, throughout the process.
Here’s how the marketing plan consulting process works:

Marketing Plans Personalized
for Your Business

As we develop your marketing plan, we work with you 1:1, throughout the process.
Here’s how the marketing plan consulting process works:

Kick-Off Meeting

To start our marketing planning process, we learn about you and your business.


Business Questionnaire

A detailed questionnaire is sent over for you and your team to complete.

Situational overview

We review where you are and where you want to go – including trends, challenges, geography, and seasonality.

Competitive landscape

You get an analysis of your closest competitors, their websites and online presence, and differentiators.

Marketing Objectives

During this step, we carefully review your marketing objectives, then create a crystal-clear plan to meet your goals.

Multi-Platform Branding

We evaluate your brand across all cross-channel platforms to check for consistency and areas of improvement.

Target Audiences

We research your target audience and provide a detailed analysis of their demographics and behaviors.

Social media

We look at your online presence and suggest ways to build a following and connect with your target markets.


Next, we create lists and ideas for blogs, videos, media releases, networking, email marketing, speaking engagements, podcasting, referral partnerships, and more.


The final step in our process is to provide up-to-date keywords and phrases to create a new list or update your current one.

Get Started with Marketing Planning Today

Want to get started on updating your marketing plan? Contact Robin to help you create a successful 12-month marketing plan customized for your small business.



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2024 Small Business Marketing Tool Checklist

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