Marketing Services

Marketing Services

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Depending on what’s going on in your business, there are a variety of small business marketing solutions and packages to meet your goals, budget, and time frame.

Whether you’re just starting out, taking your business to the next level, or exploring a new direction, I can help you grow your business faster – with marketing that works.


Marketing and PR Coaching

If you’re looking to work with me, 1-2-1, as your private marketing director and mentor, I can help you facilitate your marketing plan, or we can work together on a project or business line of your choice. 

I will work with you by phone, email, video, and/or in-person to grow your business, review materials, brainstorm, suggest improvements, help with lead generation ideas and strategies, and get more press.  I’ll also teach you best practices and marketing shortcuts, answer your questions, keep you accountable, and a whole lot more. This marketing package provides you with the most direct, private, and in-depth marketing training available for where you are now, and where you want to grow.

There are many benefits to working 1-2-1 with me, including on-demand marketing advice, access to potential clients, partners, and vendors, as well as an insider’s edge into speaking, networking, and PR opportunities.  Flexibility and a willingness to be open and grow are key. 

Marketing Strategy and Action Plans

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or expert who’s looking for clarity, direction, and a ton of sales, hire me to write a customized marketing and action plan to grow your business. I’ll create a comprehensive marketing program for you to follow, including who you need to reach, and what you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually – to persuade your target markets to buy – or to influence a specific call-to-action.   

Each marketing plan takes about 8 weeks to complete and provides a deep dive into your business, competition, target markets, branding, networking, PR, and more. It’s especially effective if you want to stop guessing and cut wasting valuable time and marketing dollars on what’s not working – so your marketing will work.

If you’re a DIY marketer who’s too busy working IN your business and not ON your business, this customized marketing plan tells you exactly how to market your business to reach your goals. It’s also presented in two parts, so you get to review the entire marketing plan/book with me, before we start the final action plan.

In a nutshell, you’ll know who to contact, what to do, when to do it, why it’s important, and approximately how long each marketing and PR action item should take you.

If you work the plan, the plan will work for you.


I’m available to speak to your group, association, for a workshop, training, breakout, or panel on topics relating to small business marketing and PR. Please visit my speaker page for title suggestions and to contact me about your next event.


I’m often asked by entrepreneurs and industry experts to answer “how-to” questions, provide a second opinion, or brainstorm solutions. As a subject matter expert, I can help you create targeted marketing and PR programs, develop social branding strategies, build referral networks or launch a blog, podcast or Alexa marketing channels.  

You can consult with me on a project basis or by the hour. Because spot coaching is so specific, I require a calendar appointment and a completed questionnaire at least 72 hours before our call, so that I’m able to do research, on my time. If I’m unable to help you, I’ll tell you straight out, and do my best to refer you to someone who will.


Training groups, teams, and classes is an important part of my business, and one that I especially love. As a Member of the National Speakers Association and presenter for corporate, private, and educational events, I find it rewarding to share the latest insights and best practices on a variety of topics in small business marketing.

These include: digital marketing, social media, networking, referral marketing, public speaking, how to get free PR, branding, blogging, content marketing, podcasting, media prep, and more.

Please contact me to discuss workshops, training, webinars, and other small business marketing training for your group, association or team.

Let’s set up a call to discuss your program, goals, and how you want your audience to feel.  

Project based work

Occasionally, I’m able to take on project-based work that fits my schedule and expertise on small business marketing and PR. For this type of work, it’s best to contact me so we can set up a call to discuss your particular needs. 

Hourly consultation

Sometimes you need an hour or two to talk about an important issue or opportunity that has come your way. You may need clarity, direction, and an expert’s point of view. In other instances, a consultation turns into a strategy call, to take advantage of a recent win, influence others, or share media coverage that impacts your business and reputation.

I’m available, with notice, for consultation by phone or a video call. From time to time, I may be available in-person, depending on my travel schedule.

The best way to arrange a private consultation is through my contact page. I will require payment in full before our call and a completed questionnaire so I know what’s most important to you, and to make our time the most efficient possible.

Again, basic research to prepare for the call is on my time, not yours.


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