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Partner Promotions specializes in Brand Ambassador Marketing for Fortune 500 companies. We create unique promotional experiences to help promote your brand’s products, services and events. Our focus is on creating the kind of brand awareness that leaves a positive impression on your ideal clients, ultimately leading to improved brand loyalty, more leads and ultimately, more sales.

Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors help get you “out there” by providing face to face marketing and PR to help increase your brand’s reputation. We become an extension of your marketing team – serving as not just a friendly face, but a knowledgeable partner to help you promote, suggest and sell. When your company needs extra support, we let the world know who you are, what you do, and help you create a call to action to do it.


Business trends come and go, but the principles behind a successful promotion remain the same: Showcase your products and services in a genuine way to the audiences that will be most receptive to hear them.

This means going where they go (and knowing where to find them), interacting, asking questions, getting feedback, all to help you pinpoint the most powerful offer.


Knowing a product inside and out is key to the sales process and ultimately generating revenue. Our teams are trained in the art of conversation that engage customers and build relationships. We ask the right questions that build connection and affinity for your brand, which lead to improved sales.


Partner Promotions offers one-on-one consulting to help you create a deeper engagement with your clients. Whether you want to improve your team’s ROI at trade shows, better position your brand in the marketplace, or train your staff on how to better qualify leads, we can guide you on the path to improved visibility and profits.


Partner Promotions has been a trusted vendor for companies looking for Boston-based promotions, Brand Ambassadors and event staffing for almost two decades. When it comes to creating an event that stands out in a crowded marketplace, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate on a plan to meet event goals, expectations, budgets and timelines.

Partner with an experienced Brand Ambassador firm who matches event managers and staff with a client’s target market and goals.

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