Marketing/PR expert and speaker, Robin Samora teaches small business owners how to rev up their brand online and offline to attract new clients, connect with customers, get media exposure, and increase sales. With decades of experience, she helps professionals and entrepreneurs find their ideal target market, create branding, marketing and PR strategies that work – with the ultimate goal to double sales.

Robin’s mission is to help clients boost their business, brand, and bottom line by teaching them how to cut through the clutter and target their audience so they can get noticed, attract new clients, and make more money. She uses social media, blogging, email marketing, speaking and free publicity strategies to enhance reputation and credibility, positioning her clients as a ‘go-to’ source.

In addition to writing strategic marketing plans, Robin works 1-2-1 with clients to help them meet their goals – whether it’s launching a business, becoming more social media savvy, or getting recognized as an expert. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association, frequent contributor to various marketing blogs and publications, and shares marketing tools, strategies, and articles on her weekly tip sheet, “Robin’s Rainmakers.”


Robin speaks on a variety of marketing topics at conferences, workshops, events, associations, and trains groups on specific marketing and PR challenges. She is approachable, upbeat, and delivers a high energy presentation sharing marketing, PR and social media strategies, tools, and resources, as well as action items to implement immediately. Attendees enjoy her direct and engaging manner, which makes her a popular speaker with event planners, organizers, and groups looking for a lively, information-packed program.

When she’s not working, Robin enjoys her family, traveling, and living the dream.

Her goal is to create lifestyle marketing for her clients, so they can live the dream too.