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{Robin has presented webinars for the Small Business Center at Central Carolina Community College and she is an exceptional speaker. She is very skilled at presenting information in a clear and effective manner online and Robin has consistently received excellent ratings from our attendees. I will definitely be inviting Robin back to speak to our small business owners.

  • Terri Brown
  • Central Carolina Community College

{I started working with Robin a few months ago. At the time, one of my locations was seriously struggling. She helped me take a step back and completely rethink my go to market strategy. We also developed a plan to increase customer retention. Results? My most profitable business line at this once struggling location has literally doubled in a few short months. If you are ready to get serious, call Robin.

  • Justin Moran
  • Workspace45

{I've gotten tremendous value out of my work with Robin. She was an outstanding partner in my work to build an online presence and voice - from designing a strategy to execution, Robin was there, held me accountable, and opened up my eyes to simple things I could be doing to easily increase my visibility and brand awareness online. Plus, she's lovely - Robin is warm, personable, and is invested in your success.

  • Elizabeth Freedman
  • Author, consultant, contributor to Forbes

{Robin is by far the best marketing expert I have ever dealt with! Besides her incredible wealth of knowledge about PR and marketing, Robin inspires small business owners to reach for their goals and grow their business to the level they want to achieve. Thank you for all you have done for me and my business! Highly recommended!

  • Dr. Scott Rosner
  • Best of Boston, Chiropractor

{Working with Robin and Partner Promotions has helped take my business to the next level. She is amazing! I love working with her and she given me the confidence to stand out and make a splash in the marketplace. You can't go wrong working with Robin! Make the investment in your business today.

  • Rachel Leone
  • Leone Marketing Solutions

{Working with Robin was the best thing that ever happened to my business. She guided me, taught me how to implement systems, kept me on track and yes, she made me step our of my "comfort zone". The amazing results were that in the first year I exceeded my goal by 25%. Huge! No one could have motivated me as Robin did. She is the best!

  • Charlotte Phinney
  • Hair and Beauty Expert for Brides

{Whether you are a startup, small or growing business, Robin's marketing and PR advice is absolutely on-target and produces real results in increased brand awareness and most critically - increased revenue. Robin is also a dynamic and engaging speaker on Social Media and Marketing topics. Her expertise shines through, and she addresses real issues with concrete and actionable insights and ideas. She delivers ideas and content with a sensitivity to the budget constraints of most small businesses and startups. Robin promises to help transform your prospects and clients into your "raving fans." And I am a raving fan of Robin and her marketing prowess!

  • Marie Warner
  • Warner Professional Sales

{I have been working with Robin and Partner Promotions for about 10 years. She brings to the table a diverse and dynamic events team and always makes it a point to meet her client’s needs. We’ve had specific success in working together to focus on grassroots marketing within the Greater Boston Area and continue to keep open dialogue and an open mind when it comes to future event activation opportunities and our partnership. Robin runs a great company, has built a strong team and stands behind her brand which is based on loyalty, service, hard work and outside the box thinking.’’

  • Trish Barnes
  • Senior Marketing Director, Comcast

{I’m thrilled! Robin got me an extraordinary exposure in USA Weekend, creating powerful publicity for my most recent book “The Money Flow.” This exposure provides an enormous sales opportunity for me, as well as credibility to build my platform as an international speaker.

Robin raises the bar for all of her clients so they can get what they want and desire. She has the experience, skill and the super passion to get us from where we are today to where we aim to be tomorrow. I am sincerely and deeply grateful to her and recommend anyone out there who launched a product or wrote a book to get in touch with Robin not tomorrow, but today.

  • Ana Weber, Author
  • “The Money Flow”

{Robin has been a driving force in helping us meet our goals and objectives in our organization. She is enthusiastic, organized, knowledgeable and professional- all great things to have in a consultant. She has taken the time to listen to our needs, identify our strengths and weaknesses, and helped in developing an action plan in order to meet our goals. I highly recommend Robin to anyone who is looking for guidance in re branding, growing your business, and is looking for new ideas!

  • Matt Hamel
  • The Hamel Company

{I highly recommend working with Robin Samora if you are seeking guidance on the best ways to grow your business. She's very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to and understand your goals. Her professionalism and advice have helped me identify objectives and establish a plan to achieve them. I also appreciate her holding me accountable and keeping me focused! It's rewarding, productive, and fun to work with her. My legal practice has already benefited because of her. Thank you, Robin!

  • Allison Ahern Filo
  • Immigration Attorney

{Robin helped me to open up my new spa and created a marketing plan and strategy to re-launch my business. She and her team created our logo, branding, marketing materials, signage, and even an outdoor advertising campaign with billboards on Route 1. I highly recommend Robin and couldn’t have done it without her!

  • Silvane Spalenza
  • Spalenza Spa

{In just one hour, Robin blew us away with marketing ideas for our real estate business. We learned how to capitalize on trending topics using Buzzsumo, repurpose all of our content for multiple social media platforms, and target buyers and sellers on Pinterest. You're awesome! Thank you, Robin!

  • David Matiroso
  • DNA Realty

{Robin is a fantastic marketer! She gave me solid, innovative marketing guidelines and a workable game plan. She helped me take my business to the next level - I recommend her without reservation!

  • Robin Neff Clebnik
  • Intern Boston

{When it comes to cutting-edge promotion and public relations services, there’s no finer than Robin Samora. She is uniquely qualified to meet your needs because she understands firsthand both the PR industry and the world of professional speakers. Your business will soar when you work with Robin!

  • Carole Copeland Thomas, MBA, CDMP, CITM

{A big thank you to Robin Samora and her PR team for helping me get TV, radio and newspaper coverage for the Grammy® awards. You worked round the clock to keep up with my crazy schedule, and your support with social media was amazing! Thank you for being there and coming on board with such short notice. I’m thrilled to be a Grammy® winner, and your team’s effort and enthusiasm will always be appreciated. You’re the best!

  • Laura Sullivan, Artist, Composer and Grammy Winner
  • Best New Age Album 2014

{Robin Samora was a speaker at the ‘Big Buzz’ event in Baltimore, and I knew after her presentation that she’d be the go-to person to help promote my business. Her PR and marketing strategies are bringing in new clients, building sales and opening up doors of opportunities I never imagined. With Robin’s help, we’re now the leader in window fashion in Philadelphia, and our target market knows exactly who we are. We’ve never been so busy –or visible-- since we started working with her. Thank you, Robin!

  • Karen Lander, Founder and Principal Designer
  • Drapery Design

{Robin has taught me how to captivate audiences both locally and internationally, through sharing more of myself. She has been a great support during a time of moving my business to the next level. Robin has this rare ability to see how to highlight elements of yourself that are longing to shine. She can see into your stories and how they can get you more attention in the public sphere. Robin can feel the excitement of your purpose and get you jazzed to move through the steps of growing your biz. Thank you Robin. I love you. You rock!!!

  • Elisha MacMillan
  • Manifest Dance

{If you’re looking to grow your business and get new ideas, or reboot or rebrand, call Robin. She loves helping entrepreneurs and small business owners get clear on their goals, and then help to make it happen in a practical, no-nonsense kind of way. Robin is direct, insightful and is a great motivator. She has a unique way of taking clients from the ‘dark age to the digital age’ so you don’t feel like you’re behind the 8 ball not knowing what to do. She works with you to create a consistent online and offline brand, voice and image, one that you love. She makes marketing fun, because she is.

  • Ron Rice
  • Weiner and Rice, PC

{Robin Samora frequently speaks at the Enterprise Center, exceeding room capacity each time she is here. She facilitates learning on current and useful information on marketing and PR in a warm and engaging manner with humor and enthusiasm. It is no surprise that feedback on her evaluation forms are consistently off the charts!

  • The Enterprise Center
  • Salem State University

{Robin Samora is an idea generator, motivator, positive reinforcer who pushes clients to be and do their very best. She is always coming up with ideas that will make me stand out from the crowd and as she says it, shine my brilliance in the marketplace. But not only does she give me the ideas, she provides the action plan to get it done.

  • Rosie Battistsa
  • Author, Blogger, Founder Rosie TV, Sleeping Naked After 40

{Robin is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and full of tips and tricks for getting free PR. Using her tips, I was just included in 7 articles, including the Huffington Post!

  • Miki Feldman Simon

{Robin Samora brings a wealth of knowledge, savvy, energy and creativity to her workshops and presentations. Whether your firm is Fortune 1000 or a small business, Robin’s expertise can help you find followers, and turn them into “raving fans” to grow your revenue. I heartily endorse Robin as a speaker for your next association meeting or conference.

  • Marie Warner CEO, Founder
  • Boston Women Connect

{Thank you so much for your energetic, creative and inspiring talk at PRLab today. From connecting with the students right off the bat through an interactive Q&A, you kept the students engaged throughout. When I met with the executive board after the main lecture, several called you out as one of their favorite speakers ever. While you left a positive impression, more importantly, you left the students with concrete tips for how they can start right now to put their best selves forward professionally. You have given them a gift – one that I know will help them immensely when taking those next steps in their careers.

  • Amy Shanler, Associate Professor, Director of PRLab
  • Boston University, College of Communication

{I often wondered, am I doing everything I can to get my name out there? Does my marketing material look sharp and relevant? How do I connect with local media outlets. All those questions have been answered and more since I started to work with Robin.

She is driven, pushes me hard because she believes in my business but more importantly she believes in me. She is invested in my progress and success and genuinely looks for ways to get my message and content in the hands of the right people.

I am so glad I decided to work with a PR experts that knows what she is doing and also cares.

  • Catherine E. Storing, Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper, Author, Speaker, Style Coach, Virtual Stylist, FaithPreneur

{I’ve been in several audiences where Robin has presented on small business marketing, PR and Social Media. She has a speaking style that makes it seem as if she’s having an individual conversation with each person in the room. Her extensive knowledge base and natural wit make her an engaging and entertaining speaker. I’ve seen her field questions that were off topic, answer them and then come back to topic effortlessly. Her energy makes you want to conquer the world!

  • Ceri Rueneck, President

{Exhaustive and exhausting sum up our 4 hour VIP Session with Robin!

It was an eye opening, insightful, provocative and thorough look at all aspects of how we position, describe and portray our company. Robin gave us an honest assessment of what we’re doing well and where we need to improve in order to meet our corporate goals.

My concern going into our meeting was that the session would be too general to be of much practical use. Instead, Robin left us with page after page of specific and actionable recommendations. We look forward to continuing our work with Robin as we craft and implement our comprehensive communication and identity strategy.

And as my partner said, “She was worth every penny.”

  • Robert Rebholz, President

{Robin Samora is the total package. She makes magic happen for everyone she touches. I had the great fortune of featuring her as a presenter at one of my Coardial Connections events. Robin presented a fabulous wealth of PR ideas, social media strategies and buzz generating tactics that were easy to understand and implement. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious!

  • Valerie Arcuri McSorley, Founder
  • Coardial Connections

{Robin is a fabulous speaker and a joy to work with. As both a speaker and an event coordinator, I truly appreciate and cherish Robin's professionalism and how easy she is to work with. She did a beautiful job connecting with key folks from our program prior to her talk and wove that research into her presentation. It's this type of care and thoughtfulness that makes her talks have that special 'pixie dust' and takes her work to the next level.

  • Prof. Betsy A. Hays, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Associate Professor, Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, California State University, Fresno

{Sincere thanks to you and your team for all your help on Saturday’s Price is Right Event! All of the feedback from the clients, patrons, and event staff was so positive and your team really helped us make that event a success.

  • Avry Sandler, Sales Marketing Manager
  • CBS Boston’s WBZ-TV & TV38

{I have proposals going out weekly and projects that have been on the back burner are now set in motion. I had my first $20K day in project proposals. This was surreal and took a day to sink in. But the reality was... it is possible. Robin gives you the boost and assignments that make you to put yourself out there.

I created a marketing campaign that I feel jazzed about and had been putting off for a year. Plus, there were a few areas in my life that had been taking a backseat, but that quickly changed. Everything can’t be a priority but prioritizing makes the difference.

Robin holds your feet to the fire and your heart to the sky at the same time. The business, marketing and personal experiences that she brings are invaluable.

  • Maggie F Keenan, Chief Giving Strategist
  • Giving Advice

{Rockin’ Robin gave me the push I needed and made me feel like I can accomplish anything! From the day I began working her, my life and my business have changed more than you can imagine. It has impacted the growth of my business and given me the confidence to forge ahead with new ideas and strategies. I’ve clearly defined my niche and how to get recognized!

  • Latonia Francois
  • HL Imprints

{Robin Samora is a calming voice during the storms we all have to weather in life.

I value her guidance, judgment, and reasoning in all matters big or small. Her positive outlook and ‘next step’ approach to business and life’s ups and downs have helped me to move forward when I’ve hit a stumbling block. I’m forever grateful for her ability to be an effective sounding board.

  • Nancy Michaels
  • Grow Your Business Network

{I’ve had the opportunity to work with Robin on multiple campaigns to grow my international photography business. Every call or meeting I have with Robin leaves me with the same impression of how incredibly easy the PR business is for her. She knows it so well and explains it so simply that I consistently hang up or leave with new knowledge of how to utilize the PR world to gain exposure and visibility for my business.

She’s a promotions wiz, gives amazing creative and copy support and implements strategic coaching. Her unwavering, ‘you can do it’ philosophy is so loving and supportive that it comes through in everything that she does and goes to all of her clients.

  • Nikki Incandela
  • Nikki Incandela Photography

{When I first started working with Robin, I had already been quoted in close to a dozen national women’s magazines, and had a good handle on the pitch process. What I learned from Robin was invaluable about what it takes to pump up the PR. Our collaborative work really sharpened my approach to being Pitch Perfect!

  • Lois Barth
  • Speaker, Coach and Motivational Expert

{Robin Samora is a great PR person! She has the focus and passion to represent clients’ in their best light and works diligently to get them the media attention they deserve. I’ve worked with her on a number of occasions and am happy to refer her services knowing she’ll get the job done. She’s smart, savvy and trustworthy. She’ll be your best advocate for getting publicity and building your brand.

  • Dan Janal, President and Founder PR Leads
  • Author of Reporters Are Looking For YOU! and Internet Marketing Confidential

{Robin Samora helped me discover how to respond to reporter inquiries in a strong, persuasive way that gets attention. Thanks to Robin's help, I was quoted--with a spotlight quote!--in a story on The Glass Hammer with my first response. Being quoted has helped to raise my professional profile and has sent traffic to my blog and website. Thanks, Robin!

  • Julie Fleming
  • Lexinova

{The beauty of working with Robin is that she didn’t give my business a shot in the arm—she taught me now to do it! Robin covered all the bases: she addressed marketing fundamentals and then streamed out-of-the-box, implementable ideas. We discussed the ones that sounded most effective and timely for my business; then Robin helped me organize and schedule them. I now have new markets to pursue, new strategies for reaching prospects and ideas for a new Web site that will entice clients to click through the pages and hit the contact button!

  • Janet Parnes
  • First Impression & Etiquette Expert


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